16 Jun, 2014
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A musician and self taught graphic designer, Mike is the creative/artistic mind behind Driftwood Studios as well as focusing on the operations of the business.

Mike obtained his Bachelor’s in History with a minor in Psychology/Sociology from Texas Woman’s University.  He later earned his Masters Degree in Business with a concentration in operations and management.  Mike has worked with several ministry organizations, on staff at churches and with several para-ministry groups.  He also has worked in the secular world as a project and an account manager overseeing several leading national “big box” clients for consulting firms and is a seasoned world traveler.  Outside of Driftwood Studios, Mike teaches International Business at a local university, coaches club volleyball, volunteers at Holy Cross Christian Academy, and plays with a few different bands as a guest musician when he’s not leading worship himself.

I believe good business is about people.  It’s about relationships.  Obviously, businesses have to turn a profit in order to survive, but if you have a service-based business that can’t help people achieve their goals, then what’s the purpose of being in business in the first place?  If a business can’t meet the needs of their clients or help them develop strategies that can meet the needs of their clients, then that business won’t be in existence long, because someone else will come along who will put the client first.  I don’t want Driftwood to turn out a product, I want Driftwood Studios to help clients be in a position to succeed.”    —   Mike