Branding & Print

Branding & Print

16 Jun, 2014
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Branding is an important part of today’s culture: it encompasses much more than a logo.  Branding incorporates a feel, an attitude, a persona.  It can span a variety avenues including print, web, graphics, social media, letterhead and stationary design, business cards, video, and other mediums.

Driftwood Studios can streamline clients branding…helping to create that “something extra” that sets the client apart from their competition.  Branding identifies the client’s personality as an organization, business, church, school, ministry, club, etc.  The purpose of branding is to create a cohesive unit that is recognizable as it relates to one client.  Driftwood Studios engages in branding to ensure their clients as an outstanding, identifiable entity in their marketplace.

We also design print mediums:  mailers, postcards, catalogs, bulletin templates, newsletters, sales and marketing materials, poster promotions, etc.  Driftwood Studios can create page and design layouts that communicate the client’s ideas and information as well as tying into existing branding.  The goal is to create the most dynamic and appealing print for customers.